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Making Primary Care a Priority

We’re helping to revolutionize the way patients receive care by offering our Direct Primary Care Solutions for individuals, families, employers and employees.  

Individual Plans for Employees starting at $50/month per adult (with 5 or more employees)


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***For after-hours contact with Dr. Springer, please contact him via:

  • Text: Use the Text Hotline Number Received During Enrollment
  • App: Download the Atlas.md App HERE

For Patients

At allNhealth, our patients’ health and well being are our priority, and EVERYONE is welcome. Our membership-only program provides enhanced services and features missing from traditional primary care practices that allow our doctor to REALLY know and understand you. Your healthcare needs will be addressed as you have them – not several days later like at some primary care practices! 

Longer one-on one time with your doctor

24/7 access to your doctor

Virtual visits with your doctor

GetHealthy wellness plan

Same or next day appointments

Discounted prices on non-covered services


Want to increase the productivity and morale of your employees?  Improve your bottom line?  allNhealth could be your answer!  Investing in your employees’ health can actually save you money and improve your work environment.

Contact us today to see how allNhealth can help you AND your employees! 



$50/month per adult (with 5 or more employees)









For those patients without health insurance coverage, your allNhealth membership fee includes the enhanced services detailed above.  PLUS, you get access to acute and chronic illness primary care services as well as large discounts on prescriptions, lab testing and radiology.  Please remember that our membership fee is NOT payment for insurance.  We recommend that all patients obtain a health insurance policy to provide catastrophic coverage to conform to the Affordable Care Act requirements.

Dr. Steve Springer, Founder

Dr. Springer is a board certified Family Medicine physician who received his Medical Degree from LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport. Formerly Chief Resident of Family Medicine at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, his special areas of expertise include diabetes, advanced wound healing, hyperbaric oxygen, and dermatology.

As a practicing physician, Dr. Springer is in constant contact with his patients, and has developed a keen understanding of what concerns they have about their own healthcare needs and how to help educate them most effectively. His passion for helping patients understand their own needs better is the motivating factor behind his decision to found GetHealthy, Inc. His commitment to better living through technology is also evidenced in the other Wellness 2.0 companies he is a part of, all of which are designed to drive innovation in the fields of mobile health and socially-connected medicine. 

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